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Parisian chic

Spaces Words Camille Khouri


Overlooking Le Moulin de la Galette, the historic windmill in Montmartre, Paris, this 1970s’ loft apartment is set out like a gallery space housing the inhabitants’ collection of contemporary art and furniture. Initially, the homeowners – Caroline Wiart and Patrice Galiana – lived next door, but when the apartment came up for sale, they knew it was ideal as a larger space to house their (then) young family, and collections (Wiart studied art history before specialising in contemporary art and furniture; her partner is an art collector) ....

Words                  Camille Khouri

Images                 Romain Ricard

Posted                  10 Aug 2016

Sources                Urbis August 2016 (Issue 93)

Tags                      Residential, Spaces


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